RC3 CTF - 100 - My Lil Droid - Forensics



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Sometimes not all files are needed. Hint:
โ€“ You probably donโ€™t have to run it


For this challenge, we have an apk file nammed youtube.apk. First, let decode it with apktool to see usefull file like AndroidManifest.xml : apktool d youtube.apk.

We know that we are seeking a RC3-2016 flag, so go search in files we extracted :

  • cd youtube
  • find . -type f -exec grep RC3-2016 {} \; => No result
  • find . -type f -exec grep RC3 {} \; give this output :
    new-instance v1, Ljava/util/zip/CRC32;
    invoke-direct {v1}, Ljava/util/zip/CRC32;-><init>()V
    invoke-virtual {v1, v4, v8, v0}, Ljava/util/zip/CRC32;->update([BII)V
    invoke-virtual {v1}, Ljava/util/zip/CRC32;->getValue()J

Let's see if we can find 2016 string somewhere :
find . -type f -exec grep 2016 {} \; give a loot of string and the last one is a bit weird : UkMz-2016-R09URU0yMQ==

Decode this in base64 : flag = RC3-2016-GOTEM21.