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noraj 1.0 Creation


  • Name : ABCTF 2016
  • Website :
  • Type : Online
  • Format : Jeopardy - Student
  • CTF Time : link


This mysterious file was left here, but I have no idea how to open it. Do you? I left it in a folder named 2016 just for you.


  1. Go to C:\My Documents\2016 and there is flagfour.xlsx but we don't have Excel
  2. Extract the file with a floppy disk
    • On your host create a floppy disk: fallocate -l 1474560 floppy.vfd
    • Mount it on the Win98 VM
    • Format it
    • Copy flagfour.xlsx on it
    • Eject the floppy
  3. Retrieve the file on your host
    • Mount the image with a loopback device: sudo mount -o loop floppy.vfd /tmp/floppy
    • Open with libreoffice libreoffice /tmp/floppy/flagfour.xlsx
    • Content is ABCTF{FR0M_THE_FUTURE}
  4. Enjoy the flag!