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noraj 1.0 Creation


  • Name : ABCTF 2016
  • Website :
  • Type : Online
  • Format : Jeopardy - Student
  • CTF Time : link


If you could look at our website from a while ago im sure the flag would be there...


  1. Ok so we are looking for a cached version of
  2. There is two main services:
  1. You can immediatly forget Google cache because it only keep the last cache and the title of the challenge is Archive Me so there is more chances that we have to use
  2. You can try Google Web Cache anyway but there is nothing interesting.
  3. Now lets try The website was saved 2 times on May 10, 2016 at 19:17:53 and at 19:23:07.
  4. By default the one shown is the one at 19:17:53 which is not the good one but on the other you can see ABCTF{Archives_are_useful!} one the hoem page