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  • Name: Introductory Researching
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  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Description: A brief introduction to research skills for pentesting.

Introductory Researching


Example Research Question#

In the Burp Suite Program that ships with Kali Linux, what mode would you use to manually send a request (often repeating a captured request numerous times)?

Answer: repeater

What hash format are modern Windows login passwords stored in?

Answer: NTLM

What are automated tasks called in Linux?

Answer: cron jobs

What number base could you use as a shorthand for base 2 (binary)?

Answer: base 16

If a password hash starts with $6$, what format is it (Unix variant)?

Answer: sha512crypt

Vulnerability Searching#

What is the CVE for the 2020 Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability found in WPForms?

Answer: CVE-2020-10385

There was a Local Privilege Escalation vulnerability found in the Debian version of Apache Tomcat, back in 2016. What's the CVE for this vulnerability?

Answer: CVE-2016-1240

What is the very first CVE found in the VLC media player?

Answer: CVE-2007-0017

If I wanted to exploit a 2020 buffer overflow in the sudo program, which CVE would I use?

Answer: CVE-2019-18634

Manual Pages#

SCP is a tool used to copy files from one computer to another. What switch would you use to copy an entire directory?

Answer: -r

fdisk is a command used to view and alter the partitioning scheme used on your hard drive. What switch would you use to list the current partitions?

Answer: -l

nano is an easy-to-use text editor for Linux. There are arguably better editors (Vim, being the obvious choice); however, nano is a great one to start with. What switch would you use to make a backup when opening a file with nano?

Answer: -B

Netcat is a basic tool used to manually send and receive network requests. What command would you use to start netcat in listen mode, using port 12345?

Answer: nc -l -p 12345