ASIS CTF Quals 2017 - Write-ups



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  • Name : ASIS CTF Quals 2017
  • Website :
  • Type : Online
  • Format : Jeopardy
  • CTF Time : link

🔗1 - Welcome - Trivia

What is the smallest valid flag for ASIS CTF?


🔗19 - our weird OS! - Trivia

Once upon a time we could have files with the exactly same name in our OS! Submit the flag like ASIS{OS_name}.

Source: Wikipedia List of file systems - Apple Lisa

LisaFS - Filesystem used by Apple Lisa's operating system. Unique in that it allowed two different files with exactly same name ("foo" and "foo").

Source: macworld

Amazingly, Lisa OS is one of the only operating systems in history (if not the only one; research pending) to allow duplicate file names. Each file was assigned a physical file name that represented the file on the disk, and a virtual file name provided by the user that showed up in the Lisa interface.

Flag: ASIS{Lisa} (should have been ASIS{Lisa_OS})