CSAW CTF - 10 - Music to my ears - Reconnaissance



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noraj 1.0 Creation


  • Name : CSAW CTF Qualification Round 2016
  • Website : https://ctf.csaw.io/
  • Type : Online
  • Format : Jeopardy
  • CTF Time : link


Yo fam have you listened to my mixtape?


Hint: The recon spans multiple sites.

Author: breadchris

Hint 2 was an image of a beet.


Note: I didn't finished the challenge.

  • We have to look for an user and a playlist.
  • Spotify look like to only big website to use a number id as username, so forge the URL like this: https://play.spotify.com/user/1245880440/playlist/7bUFR2ujh1p3GfArxM0dHE.
  • So we got a playlist named Awesome CTF Music Mix Vol. 1. It's certainly the good one. The user is Chris Topher.
  • Take the 1st letter of each songs: CHECKOUTTHELASTRADIOSTATION. What is the last radio station? A link with WGU-20 ? Last.fm ? I didn't find.
  • The second hint is an image of a beet so we can directly think about beets.io/.
  • No more clue to go further.

My point of view: CTF organizers, PLEASE, stop to put this kind of useless challenges that make us loose our time and that have no link with cyber-security.