Enable Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) on Windows Server 2012

To launch the Remote Desktop, there are two methods: CLI or GUI. From both you will be able to allow or not remote connections and choose users that can connect via RDP.

๐Ÿ”—with Command Line Interface (CLI)

  1. Open cmd.exe.
  2. Type SystemPropertiesRemote.
  3. This command launches the System Properties window on the Remote tab.

๐Ÿ”—with Graphical User Interface (GUI)

  1. Open the Control Panel, various ways:
  • Press Windows + X and click Control Panel
  • or from the Smart Screen (Windows + C and click Start) click Control Panel
  • or move mouse to thr right upper side of screen and click Settings and then Control Panel
  • or Windows + R and type control
  • or type control in cmd.exe
  • or via Explorer.exe (Windows + E) type Control Panel in the adress bar
  • etc... (easier with CLI right?).
  1. Click Advance System Settings, this launches the System Properties.
  2. Select the Remote tab.