INS'hAck 2018 - Write-up



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noraj 1.0 Creation


🔗Self congratulation - Misc

This website is pretty cool, right? I mean, we did a pretty good job esthetically and stuff, huh?

Please submit as `INSA{insert string found here}

Embedded into the image we can see some kind of what looks like a barcode. But it isn't.

Just replace white pixels with 0 and black pixels with 1 and you get: 001100010011001000110011001101000011010100110110001101110011100000.

Let's use ruby to convert binary to ASCII:

irb(main):019:0> ["001100010011001000110011001101000011010100110110001101110011100000"].pack("B*")
=> "12345678\x00"

Here is the flag: INSA{12345678}.