How to make a bootable USB stick to install Ubuntu

This tutorial was thinked for Windows users who want to install an easy to use Linux distibution.

Before installing a Linux distribution, it's highly recommended to save all your datas.

It is highly recommended to perform a defragmentation before the install in order to avoid data loss.

šŸ”—Step nĀ°1 : Download the last Ubuntu version

You can donwload the Ubuntu Desktop iso on the official website.

šŸ”—Step nĀ°2 : Download the last version of Linux Live USB Creator

You can find Linux Live USB Creator on the official website.

Then just install it.

šŸ”—Step nĀ°3 : Get the USB stick ready

Launch Linux Live USB Creator. Choose the USB stick where you will install Ubuntu.

Choose the iso you have just downloaded in the Source tab.

Let the persistence to 0.

Check the option Format the stick.

Clic on the lightning icon to launch the installation.

šŸ”—Step nĀ°4 : Boot

When the USB stick is ready, insert (plug) it in a usb port and restart your computer.

To access to the Boot menu of your computer see the information at boot time and press the right key or try the more common keys Escape or F12.

For older materials you may not be able to boot with USB so you will have to burn a live CD or DVD.

In the Boot menu, choose your USB stick. A menu appear, choose Installation to directly install Ubuntu or Try Ubuntu to try it before installing.

If you choosed Try Ubuntu you arrived on the desktop screen : Ubuntu Desktop Screen

You can try Ubuntu and install it when you are ready.

šŸ”—Step nĀ°5 : Installation

This article was only about preparing the USB stick but you can find lots of tutorial on How to install Ubuntu on the web.

You may find more info or method about creating bootable USB devices here.