Juniors CTF - 500 - Lost everything but hope - Forensics



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Chill3d 1.0 Creation




  • screams
  • Mabel: What's up, Gruncle???
  • Stan: I left a phone here and went to the store to sell something useless. When I got back I saw this
  • shows a broken mobile
  • Mabel: OMG!
  • Soos: Gonna get some insulating tape.
  • Stan: Restore the justice!

A few hours later

  • Dipper: Hm, who could do this?.. Soos, I managed to restore some files, maybe you can help to find something. Will you?
  • Soos: Of course, Dipper.


We have a something.rar file, and in it, there is a sdcard folder.
If we open it, we find data from an Android phone. After searching on the each folders, admin gave a hint on Telegram : Someone who likes vkontakte.

So I opened the .vkontakte folder and search any clue. There was an ogg file named 397087112_439151831 with size of 1Ko so we couldn't listen anything. I had the idea that a audio conversation must be between 2 account of vkontakt so the numbers are reprenting an id of these account...
Let's see if we can get a profile page of these accounts on vk.com :smirk: !

Go on https://vk.com/id397087112, we find a profile page of a pig nammed Waddles Mabelpig. This pig posted on the social network the flag !

Flag: waddles_the_d3stroyer :tada: