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ArchLinux - Setup Deluge to use HTTPS

Stop deluged torrent process: 1systemctl stop deluged.service Go into deluge ssl folder: 1cd /srv/deluge/.config/deluge/ssl Backup or remove the old certificate and key: 1mv daemon.cert daemon.c


ArchLinux - Install rTorrent and ruTorrent

đź”—Install rTorrent As rTorrent package is always up-to-date on Arch repository, it's not needed to compile it. Install rtorrent: 1# pacman -S rtorrent đź”—Install ruTorrent Create the web server root


ArchLinux - Install Zsh shell and oh-my-zsh

đź”—Install Zsh Before installing zsh, see what shell is currently being used: 1$ echo $SHELL Install zsh: 1# pacman -S zsh For additional completion definitions, install the zsh-completions packag